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Here at Lincoln Park Smiles we offer same day smiles, where we can completely restore your smile in one single appointment

Same day smiles are the most convenient and effective way to completely rejuvenate your smile! Lincoln Park Smiles is passionate about staying at the forefront of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Our state-of-the-art dental studio offers a full range of cosmetic treatments including porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and crowns made with the help of CEREC technology. Veneers and crowns can both be used in our same day smile treatment where we will enable you to achieve a brilliant and stunning smile all in the same day and same appointment!

What does the same day smile treatment entail?

The same day smile treatment uses our most advanced dental technology – the CEREC machine. CEREC is an all-in-one device which enables us to create customized veneers and crowns all in the same appointment. In order to create these customized restorations your dentist will take a scan and evaluate them on the CEREC computer screen. We will then use our in-house milling machine to produce the physical veneers or crowns. After we have made sure your restorations are suited to your teeth shape and color, we will roughen the surface of the tooth so that they can be secured properly, if you are receiving a crown it is likely that we will have to grind more of your teeth down to make room for the crown. Veneers are much thinner as they are as thick as contact lenses. They will still provide minimal protection although their main purpose is for cosmetic benefit. Veneers are one of our most popular treatments as they enhance the overall appearance of your smile as well as provide a little more protection for your enamel.

A smile makeover with the same day smile treatment can enhance virtually every aspect of your life

Veneers can conceal many imperfections in your smile, including crookedness, discoloration, chips, cracks and misshapenness. If you experience any of these esthetically displeasing conditions, veneers can completely reinvigorate your smile. Studies have found that an improved smile can significantly increase the mood of the individual as well as make their visage appear more professional and healthy. Take the plunge to enrich your smile and your lifestyle today with Lincoln Park Smiles’ same day smile treatment!

Let our professional dentists custom design your smile

It is always better to receive the advice of a professional dentist when you’re thinking about completely reforming your smile. Your dentist at Lincoln Park smiles will be able to suggest areas where your smile could be improved, including the whiteness and the crookedness. Most people with relatively straight teeth choose veneers to conceal their unsightly teeth, or simply give them a more celebrity-standard smile. With the veneers you can hit two birds with one stone, alleviate discoloration and conceal your crooked teeth!
If you are interested in finding out more about the same day smile treatment available at Lincoln Park Smiles in Chicago please do not hesitate to contact us.

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