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You might be put together head to toe, but if you aren’t dazzling ear to ear, then you won’t be stepping out with straight up and down confidence…


Here at Lincoln Park Smiles in Chicago, Dr. Jack knows how important it is to flash a bright smile no matter where you’re going or what you’re wearing. Regular visits at Lincoln Park Smiles is the first way to guarantee getting, and keeping your winning grin. But Dr. Jack want to share some surprising, yet simple natural solutions to beautifully bright teeth. Read on for his top tips on how to keep a healthy white smile every day.

Keep ’em clean by keeping it crunchy

The old adage says it all, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” When it comes to white teeth and dentists, it’s absolutely true! Apples act as natural toothbrushes when chewed. This crisp fruit, and other crunchy bites remove excess food and bacteria while mauled around the mouth. Also, apples contain malic acid, a chemical compound commonly found in tooth whitening formulas. So munch on apples, celery, and other crunchy snacks to sweep and scrub stains away.

Strawberries help to shine pearly whites

We all know that strawberries are sweet treat, but did you know they’re also a sweet whitening treat(ment)? That’s right, these bright red berries contain powerful, natural astringents and are high in vitamin C. These natural astringents effectively assist in removing surface stains while vitamin C clears away plaque and makes way for whiter, brighter teeth.

Try brushing with this homeopathic paste you can make at home. Combine one quarter cup of water with a half cup of baking soda and mix well with three mashed strawberries. Brush with ingredients as you would with normal paste, then rinse. Or, simply thinly slice strawberries and layer directly across the surface of teeth lengthwise, and rinse. Another quick whitening fix option is to blend a puree consisting of only strawberries, apply to teeth, and let settle in the mouth for five minutes. Rinse, and see the red berries result in a bold, bright smile.

Slip on a white smile with a banana peel

We’ve all heard that bananas are a super food, and when it comes to whitening teeth, they are much more than a healthy snack. The same nutritious properties in a banana peel that make it a feel good food like potassium, magnesium, and manganese are also as good for your brightening your pearly whites. These minerals absorb impurities from teeth, and don’t have abrasive acidic qualities that other natural whiteners have–a perfect natural teeth whitening solution for someone who suffers from sensitive teeth.

After snacking the superfood, save the peel. Rub the surface of teeth with the inside of the banana peel for at least two minutes before brushing. Many will see an instant change in a whiter shade, but most will notice dramatic results within two weeks. Try it, and see for yourself that banana peels are as good as tooth bleach!

Go teeth whitening nuts with walnut bark

Like bananas, walnuts are considered a super food, but not much is known about the bark of walnut trees, and its super whitening power. It contains potent teeth whitening properties such as potassium hydroxide. As a tooth whitening agent, walnut bark removes old, yellow, dark stains formed over years of smoking, drinking certain beverages, and simply aging.

To see the bark brighten your bite, gently rub it on the face of teeth after brushing, making sure to cover the full surface. Discolorations should rub away in just a few short treatments.
While highly effective, it’s not recommended to overuse this as home teeth whitening method. It can wear down enamel over time, and the process is particularly pleasant tasting.

Dr. Jack here at Lincoln Park Smiles in Chicago knows that all the teeth whitening tips in the world won’t work for you if don’t use white smile common sense.

A handful of lifestyle style habits can dim down your smile over time. Avoid teeth-staining beverages if your goal is to keep your grin glowing. Coffee, black tea, colored soft drinks and other dark beverages such as red wine aid in dimming down your smile.

If teeth staining sips are a must, use straws as much as possible to avoid direct contact of liquid to the surface of teeth. Also, try alternative sips of water when downing that daily cup to reduce the risk of staining and discoloration. Follow up with a final rinse after you drained the last drop, and slow down the negative effects these drinks can have on keeping celebrity like white teeth.

For a quicker way to a white smile, come visit us at Lincoln Park Smiles for a fast, convenient teeth whitening treatment.
We know that each smile is as unique as the person wearing it, which is why we are careful to diagnose the source of each patient’s discoloration and address it with the most suitable whitening approach.

To discover your whitest, most dazzling smile yet, contact Dr. Jack at our dental practice in Lincoln Park. Book an appointment today for the bright smile of your dreams.

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