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Here’s what we are doing to keep our patients and our team safe.

Dr. Jack, Dr. Teo, and the entire Lincoln Park Smiles dental team recommend that our patients tackle any bad breath problems by going right to the cause of the problem, rather than trying to mask them. Some of the most common causes of bad breath are actually related to oral health concerns, so make sure you’re checking in with the Lincoln Park Smiles team rather than endlessly popping breath mints.

Brushing Technique

Ensure that you’re brushing horizontally in short strokes for at least two minutes, at least twice daily. Always use a soft bristled brush, as hard bristled brushes can actually cause irritation and exacerbate gum disease. When you floss, make sure that you go slightly into the gum line. If not cleaned properly,  your teeth can accumulate food particles and bacteria that create nasty odors and tooth decay.

Infections in the Mouth

Infections in the mouth are usually accompanied by decaying bacteria, and this decomposition process triggers production of bad-smelling odors.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be triggered by using certain medications, such as drugs for high blood pressure. When your mouth lacks sufficient saliva for cleaning out dead cells, bacteria, and food acid, unpleasant odors may develop.

Bacteria on the Tongue

Your tongue can be a great place for bacteria to grow and proliferate, just like your teeth can. To prevent that from happening, some of our patients use a tongue scraper to gently remove unwanted nasty bacteria from the mouth. You can also maintain regular tongue brushing by incorporating it into your existing tooth brushing routine.

Ordinary Hunger

If you ever participate in cultural or nutritional fasts, that means your mouth will temporarily not have much saliva on hand. Since saliva acts as the constant cleaner of unpleasant bacteria and other substances in the mouth, bacteria are allowed to thrive, and bad breath can be the result.

If you have noticed a sudden change for the worse in your breath, schedule an appointment with Lincoln Park Smiles so that our team can make sure you aren’t dealing with more serious oral health concerns. Trust your body, it’s sending you signals to take care of your oral health!

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