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Same day crowns not only save time and money- they are also great for your health

Looking after your oral health is important but more often than not the prospect of going to the dentist can be a daunting one. At Lincoln Park Smiles we have the solution! Same day dental crowns save you time, money and more importantly, they are better for your oral health.

Why are same day dental crowns better for you?

The answer is simple. In just one appointment your damaged tooth is enclosed in a strong, sturdy porcelain crown that will protect it from further harm. Many dentists do not have the technology to provide you with this great service, but at Lincoln Park Smiles we use the CEREC machine to give you same day dental restorations.

A typical dental crown treatment takes two or three appointments…

The first appointment involves the assessment of your tooth and from this information a lab technician takes around a week to make your restoration. During this time a temporary cap is put in place to protect your damaged tooth. The following appointments involve the temporary cap being taken off (and just hope the dentist didn’t use an overzealous amount of bonding material) from which point the permanent restoration is cemented in place.

In stark contrast to this you could come to Lincoln Park Smiles and get it done in one hassle-free appointment.

Dental crowns and bridges and why they are good for your health…

Crowns are designed to cover a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it. Protecting your tooth is far better than having to have it extracted. Extraction is an unpleasant business—missing teeth can cause many health problems such as gum disease and loss of jawbone.

You can save yourself from many oral health issues with the same day dental restorations on offer at Lincoln Park Smiles.

Dental bridges are an ideal solution for missing teeth as these prevent gum disease and bone loss. There are other oral health issues associated with tooth loss other than gum disease and bone loss—tooth loss can cause further tooth loss, it can also cause misaligned bite.
What does a misaligned bite mean for you? It can mean headaches, jaw pain and it can snowball into other problems. All of which can be avoided with the convenience of same day dental restorations from Lincoln Park Smiles!

The health benefits of same day crowns…

When your tooth is damaged or weakened, your dentist will recommend a dental crown to protect and strengthen your tooth. But there’s a catch; first your tooth is going to be shaved down and fitted with a temporary cap for a week or so. This effectively leaves your tooth exposed to further trauma until a lab technician builds you a strong, sturdy dental crown.
At Lincoln Park Smiles we protect and strengthen your tooth straight away. Using the CEREC machine we are able to design, manufacture and place restorations in a single appointment. Saving you time, money and (equally important) discomfort!
For more information on our same day dental restorations, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Lincoln Park, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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