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Here’s what we are doing to keep our patients and our team safe.

The health of your body is linked, in part, with your oral health. The British Medical Journal recently published a study showing a link between brushing frequency and heart disease. They showed that the frequency of tooth brushing was correlated with a dramatically decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Awareness and understanding of oral cavities is the first step of prevention. The human mouth contains an entire microbial ecosystem, and the balance is upset when food bits are allowed to fester. Plaque forms, which traps teeth-dissolving acids that ultimately eat away at the tooth’s enamel. Cavities occur when acids have already eaten away at the tooth and thus require the use of solidified nonbioactive material to fill and reform the natural shape of the tooth.

Research and development is being done constantly to develop better medical approaches to oral health. In one concept currently being researched, scientists are working to create a “smart filling” system that is capable of releasing small amounts of fluoride over a long time. These types of systems would be a great supplement, but nothing beats daily tooth brushing to ensure that food and plaque don’t stay on your teeth to begin with.

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