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Cold sores can be very painful, irritating, and embarrassing. Since they can be triggered by stress, blisters tend to raise around the mouth right before a big interview, important event, or much-anticipated date night. Dr. Jack, Dr. Teo, and the Lincoln Park Smiles dental team are here to help our patients develop a medical treatment plan to alleviate and reduce the effects of the against the causative agent of cold sores, a highly contagious virus called Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1).

Currently, cold sores have no cure. Once infected, the virus remains hidden in your nerve cells and recurs when triggers reactivate the latent virus.

Care Tips

It’s advisable that you consult our Lincoln Park Smiles dental team for a personalized management plan. Cold sores can be managed using two classes of drugs: antivirals and analgesics (pain relievers). There are other care tips that can help shorten the lifespan of an outbreak, and prevent some recurrances:

  • As cold sores are caused by a highly infectious virus, you are advised to avoid skin contact with the lesions of an infected person.
  • Sharing of personal effects during an outbreak is highly cautioned against.
  • Observe proper hand hygiene during an outbreak to avoid transmitting the virus to other body parts, especially the eyes and nose.
  • Take charge of trigger factors if possible, such as stress and adhering to a balanced diet. Boosting your immune system goes a long way in minimizing bouts of a cold sore.

If you have experienced cold sore outbreaks, schedule a consultations with Dr. Jack or Dr. Teo today to talk through your options for treatment and preventative care.

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