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Lincoln Park Smiles offers dental health solutions in Chicago. At our practice, we always emphasize the importance of flossing daily.

Flossing study reveals a third of Americans don’t floss daily.

According to CNN, a recent study indicates that nearly one-third of Americans do not floss their teeth. The study compiled their findings from data collected at the National Health and Nutrition Survey, concluding that 37% of the sample population didn’t floss daily over the past week. 30% reported that they flossed daily during the past week while a whopping 32% of the sample population did not floss at all. While the study may not surprise many, the findings indicate the dental awareness gap in the country.

Based on the findings, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated the need for more awareness among Americans on the benefits of flossing. Speaking to CNN about the need for awareness, Dr. Duong Nguyen said, “If you hear it more from different places, it will stick more.”

Dangers of irregular flossing

Dr. Jack of Lincoln Park Smiles also underlines the importance of daily flossing. He wants our patients to know that irregular flossing can cause plaque to build up between your teeth. The plaque turns to tartar, which can’t be removed by toothpaste. Subsequently, the tartar eats away your teeth and gum sand causing your teeth to fall out. Dr. Teo also wants our patients to remember that irregular flossing could cause the escalation of other dental problems as one ages.

Dental services in Chicago

The dental teams at both of our Lincoln Park Smiles locations work hard to improve the health practices of all of our patients. We know that irregular flossing can be a foundation for a host of other dental issues. Call today to schedule your next appointment with us.

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