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Why not get Invisalign instead. It is a removable, clear and practical solution to straighten your smile

At Lincoln Park Smiles we offer in-office or at-home Invisalign options to suit your needs and lifestyles.

If you or even your child require braces for that ideal, smooth and evenly-spaced smile, you might be wondering whether the alternate choice, Invisalign clear braces, is by far the more sensible choice. Everything covered, Invisalign does seem to emerge as the best option in the majority of situations, although you might prefer traditional braces for you or your child in some cases.

A few things about Invisalign vs. traditional braces…


Although Invisalign has earned the moniker “adult braces” since many adults choose this technology rather than revisiting their embarrassing teenage years, (many mature people find it degrading to be seen having typical braces) typical braces are actually less awkward and not as ugly as they were in the past. Many orthodontists let teenagers pick the color of bands they wear on their braces, creating a type of “face jewelry.” So, in case you might make the choice for what to pick for your child, make sure you consult with them as to exactly what he or she would prefer. If however you do choose to align your smile without looking like you are wearing braces, Invisalign is by far the way to go. They really are invisible unless of course you’re up close and looking for them!

Another apprehension definitely is that steel braces will generally detach to reveal straight teeth but at the same time will reveal teeth that are mottled in color. When it comes to braces often remaining in position for many years, the part of the tooth enclosed by the bracket will finish up considerably whiter than the rest of your tooth that has been exposed to coffee, cola, as well as other products which stain your teeth. And if you utilize bleaching tooth paste, the reverse may occur, with the covered parts of each tooth winding up substantially darker since the bleaching agents will generally not reach under the brackets. Since Invisalign aligners are actually detachable, you are able to easily clean the entire exterior of each of your teeth, which may avoid this problem.


The Invisalign aligners don’t cause periodontal irritation and annoyance such as traditional braces, however since each and every single person is unique, there’s really virtually no means by which to be sure exactly how irritating something will be until you try it. Certainly the annoyance related with waking up realizing your metal braces have cut the interior of your face in your sleep again is not going to be an issue!

Dental Health…

Considering that you would be able to detach the Invisalign aligners, it is straight forward to brush and additionally floss. Traditional braces make it nearly impossible to reach all the areas of all your teeth, and also require you to invest a great deal of time, care and attention upon flossing (you will have to utilize a special technology to get the floss under the brackets, floss, eliminate, and start all over again between the next 2 teeth.)

Duration of Treatment…

With typical brackets, depending on your objectives, you may be in treatment for many years. A large number of Invisalign people end their treatment in less than 12 months. So, in the case when swifter results are your objective, once again Invisalign seems to be the way to go.
We at Lincoln Park Smiles want you to have to best dental care available and that is why we offer veneers, Invisalign and other dental treatments to help beautify your smile so you can reclaim your confidence.

For more information on our Invisalign system, veneers or any dental services please don’t hesitate to contact us on (312) 337 1665 or alternatively visit us at our conveniently located dental practice at Sheffield Ave. Chicago.

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