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When you step into our practices at Lincoln Park Smiles, Dr. Jack and Dr. Teo take great care in providing you with a thorough exam that will help improve your dental health. Our dentists look for specific things during each checkup, some of which are indicators of your overall health. Here are a few of the health concerns we can ascertain:

  1. You Rarely Floss

Many patients think that flossing right before coming in will fool the Lincoln Park Smiles staff. The opposite is true. Infrequent flossers are generally overzealous and cut gums when doing so.

  1. You’re a Nail Biter

Chips and other tell-tale signs that indicate stress on the teeth are typical of nail-biters. Dr. Jack says that nail-biting can lead to jaw pain, discomfort and related problems.

  1. Your Breath Indicates a Health Condition

It may not just be bad breath or halitosis. Different smells such as a sweet, fruity one, or a fishy smell can signal uncontrolled diabetes or problems with your liver and kidneys, respectively.

  1. You Have a Sinus Infection

Problems with upper teeth are often not problems at all but a sinus infection. The roots of upper teeth extend into the sinuses. Dr. Teo recommends you bend over to ascertain from where the pain is coming.If the pain gets worse, it’s a sinus problem, nota root problem.

  1. You Have Diabetes

Rapid changes in the state of your gums, including swelling and sensitivity, along with differences in the consistency of your saliva, can indicate high levels of blood sugar.

  1. You Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Severe mouth sores, burning tongue, syndrome, tissue that sloughs off and even gums that bleed easily are all signs of different types of vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

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