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Why Athletes Are at a Greater Risk of Cavities

Athletes don’t exactly live the calmest of lifestyles. It’s no secret that concussions, torn ACLs, and broken ribs are an occupational hazard. That being said, the impact that sports have on an athlete’s body goes well beyond those major injuries. More subtle but just...

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Oral Hygiene, COVID-19, and You

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. It’s the pandemic that no one was prepared for. As of writing this, there are currently 3.759,967 cases worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. With over a quarter-million deaths so far, the virus shows no...

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The Link Between Gum Disease and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia in the world, making up for 70% of all cases according to the World Health Organization. With over 50 million people suffering from dementia globally — and 10 million new cases every year — it’s a major problem for our...

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The Definitive Guide to Cavities

While dental issues may not get the same press coverage as cancer or heart conditions, the range of oral disease is just as widespread if not more. In fact, the World Health Organization states that 3.5 billion people, almost half of all humans on Earth, are affected...

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The Link Between Gum Disease and Hypertension

Gum disease and hypertension. Yes, really. At the surface, it probably seems like these two conditions are worlds apart since your cardiovascular system and oral health operate independently of one another… or do they? If you read our article on the link between tooth...

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How Safe Is Teeth Brightening?

A whiter smile has always been associated with better dental health and has even been a factor in whether or not someone will pass their next job interview based on some recent studies. Due to that, many people have turned to teeth brightening treatments — but how...

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Does Tooth Loss Lead to Heart Disease?

At first glance, it may seem as though tooth loss and heart disease have absolutely nothing in common with one another. After all, the former is a dental issue while the latter is centered around cardiac health. However, some studies have shown that there may actually...

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The Importance of Good Oral Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important experiences that a person can go through. When you think about bringing a new life into this world, terms like excitement and anticipation often come up. However, it’s important to take note of the risks as well so you can...

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Can Sugar-Free Gum Prevent Cavities?

You’ve probably heard that gum can prevent cavities, but is it actually true? Well, the latest research paper from across the pond shows that it may be more accurate than you think. In this article, we’ll cover the key findings of the study and also look at the future...

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What Causes Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer kills over 9,750 people every year in the United States alone. That’s over one per hour, year-round. The high mortality rate of oral cancer is a result of the fact that it’s most often discovered when already in later stages. Today, we’re going to take a...

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