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Why Fluoride?

Are you a bottled water fan? You may be inadvertently missing out on an important oral health treatment present in your local tap water- fluoride! Here are five reasons the Lincoln Park Smiles team recommends taking advantage of the fluoride added to tap water to keep your mouth healthy.

1. According to numerous U.S. Surgeon Generals and various other professional dental organizations, like the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organization, the use of Fluoride in the community water supply is both a safe and effective way to help prevent dental decay, based on 70 years of scientific evidence.

2. Water fluoridation is completely natural. Fluoride is a substance that is found naturally in oceans and groundwater, and therefore, water fluoridation only helps to boost the levels to one that can help to prevent tooth decay.

3. Water fluoridation helps to protect people of all ages from getting cavities. Fluoride is considered to be nature’s cavity fighter, because even though Fluoride is available in various products, putting it into the water has helped to prevent at least 25 percent of tooth decay and cavities in adults and children.

4. Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay of all ages, and it can also help to diminish the loss of hours a child misses school in a year due to dental-related illnesses.

5. Water fluoridation has proven to save money. It isn’t just the people who have dental issues that this saves money for, because it can actually help to decrease the health insurance costs due to treatments already being effective.

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