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Lola Z
Dr. Jack… where do I begin? As a native of Chicago, whenever I get in for a visit, I make a point to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jack! You can take your Beverly Hills dentists and put them where you want – it is worth the trip for me to take a day out to get my teeth looked at from such an amazing dentist. It is always painless, thorough and the highest quality. Dr. Jack is very knowledgeable about cutting edge technology. I have referred many of my friends in Chicago locally and they cannot believe the quality results. If my best friend Yelped, she would say that her veneers look beautiful, natural and were a completely painless procedure. I highly recommend Lincoln Park Smiles.

Sabrina B
I have been scared of the dentist my whole life…till now. Dr Jack and his staff are so kind and friendly, they immediately ease your mind when you walk in. I needed some cosmetic work due to an accident I had that left me with half a tooth. Dr Jack did an AWESOME job, my tooth looks as good as new – no discoloration – and it was quick. I also got a BriteSmile teeth whitening – I was a little nervous that my teeth would be too white and glow in the dark (like the Friends episode), but this was not the case at all… that’s the benefit of going to a great dentist. And well, my smile looks good 🙂 I even received a follow up call checking in on me. Nice job Lincoln Park Smiles – see ya next time!

Tempe T
When I first started coming, Dr Jack looked at my fillings and saw that they needed redoing, a standard procedure that everyone should have after fillings are more than 10 years old.  My previous cavities are huge and the process took two visits, but he was so great about making sure I never felt a thing and, as another review mentioned, hiding the needle.  I didn’t have insurance (still don’t) and they have always let me pay in as little increments as I need to.  At one point I went in and had such extreme sensitivity, Michelle could barely clean my teeth.  She kindly used a numbing gel so she could do her work, gave me great tips to prevent sensitivity in the future, and I’m proud to report that since those initial cavities and sensitivity I haven’t had any problems since.  Last year when I was in, I was due for new X-rays but couldn’t afford it so they just didn’t do them: my point is, this office is so sensitive to your personal needs, as long as you mention them. This place has such a positive atmosphere!  Paintings done by fellow dentists, great music, and people who really care about their patients.  I never dread coming here, which is amazing because, well, it’s still a dentist’s office.

What makes you smile?

We love hearing about the other special things in our patient’s lives that makes them smile…

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