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Welcome to Lincoln Park Smiles

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What Makes You Smile?

When you think about all of the things that bring a smile to your face, what does that list include?

  • Reminiscing about your last great vacation
  • Sitting down to a meal at your favorite Chicago restaurant
  • Catching a game at Wrigley Field on a warm summer day
  • Enjoying a bottle of wine with friends

Lincoln Park Smiles — a leader in Chicago for quality implant, general, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry—wants to be on your list. We want to make you smile.

Browse through some of our patient stories and you’ll read about men and women who were once in your shoes: unhappy with their smiles and looking for improvement. After working with our team and achieving their desired appearance, these patients now have plenty of reasons to smile!

Our Mission

We attribute much of our success to following our practice mission. That mission is to:

  • Offer quality dental services in Chicago and the highest standard of care
  • Use the most advanced techniques, technologies and materials
  • Continually advance our knowledge and expertise through education
  • Maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm
  • Make lasting first, second and third positive impressions on you

What’s In a Name?

You may be curious about our practice name. Dr. Jack Manikowski, whom we warmly refer to as “Dr. Jack,” explains why he chose to name his dental practice Lincoln Park Smiles:

“I wanted a name that says where we’re located and how we make our patients feel. And if it also expresses the way I feel about being a dentist, so much the better.”

—Dr. Jack

At the Corner of Happy and Mouth

We like to remind our patients that “exceptional dentistry begins at the corner of Happy and Mouth.” Along with capturing our friendly and caring spirit, it communicates our devotion to providing all patients with a pleasant experience and truly satisfying end result.

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Dr. Jack is committed to continued education and is an active member of the following prestigious associations…